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The most important door of your Santa Clarita home or office, the exterior door ought to be sturdy, weather resistant, as well as aesthetically appealing. Your exterior door is the first thing your guests notice and also the first thing you notice when you come back home. For all it serves, an exterior door deserves to get a good deal of attention and effort when you are constructing or remodeling your house.

Statistics say that 65% of burglaries in American homes happen through a breakin from the front door. And if all you have is a single lock on your exterior door, you are giving burglars exceptional ease of breaking in to your nest with just a few kicks. Some exterior doors can also be very easily unlocked with a screwdriver and some basic tactics of the trade. In order to keep yourself, your loved ones and your belongings safe, you should not miss out on the essential step of reinforcing your exterior door.

Santa Clarita residents often seem inclined towards installing glass fitting in their exterior doors; and it is indeed a great idea owing to how glass can transform the look of the door – especially with all the designing options available for customizing glass, like staining, painting, frosting etc. The prime reason that keeps them from going for it is security. If you too are letting go of the glass in your exterior door for safety reasons, quit worrying, and let tempered glass solve your problem. Also known as safety glass, tempered glass doesn’t sacrifice the sturdiness aspect of your exterior door even by a tiny extent. So go ahead, freely embrace glass for your exterior door in Santa Clarita home or office and go as creative with it as you like.

So, whether you are choosing wood, vinyl, or glass our team of professionals at Santa Clarita Window Replacement Experts will help you select the best exterior door that perfectly matches the look of your home and fits into your budget.

Entry Door

Entry Door

2 Panel Sliding Pation Door

2 Panel Sliding Patio Door

3 Panel Sliding Patio Door

3 Panel Sliding Patio Door

4 Panel Sliding Pation Door

4 Panel Sliding Patio Door

Single French Door

Single French Door

Double French Door

French Door with Double Sidelites