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Fabulous Home Siding Options in Santa Clarita

Two weeks and less than $5000, using home siding in Santa Clarita can dramatically transform the look of your house; besides adding excellent insulation that saves you money in electricity bills in both summer and winter. Installing home siding constitutes a fantastic home improvement project that is completely worth every penny you’d spend on it. To make it even more enticing, you have an exciting range of choice in materials, so you can take your pick and try matching it with how the rest of your exteriors look. Here goes a list of the most popular materials used for making home sidings.

  1. Wood Clapboard Siding – 

    Nothing replaces the aesthetic and insulating function of real wood. It remains as alluring today as it did hundreds of years ago and will continue to remain so; and the good news is, that you can actually make your wood clapboard siding last that long with a little bit of love and care. Regular polishing, staining and painting, is all it takes for your charming wood sidings to last even longer than vinyl.

  2. Cedar Shingle Siding – 

    This is one classic option that comes in some really charming earthy colors like natural brown and grey. Cedar shingles, also known as shakes, look just like wood clapboard but require much lower maintenance than wood does. If you happen to have lots of trees and other natural features around your house, cedar shingles will be a picturesque addition to your exteriors.

  3. Fiber Cement Home Siding – 

    If you are looking for something sturdy, low-maintenance, low-cost and long lasting, fiber cement siding is your best choice. In addition to these practical traits, the material is also termite-proof and fireproof, giving it an edge over wood. As for how they’d look, you can rest assured that fiber cement very effectively imitate the appearance of wood, masonry or stucco; so you can have whichever look you desire while getting the best of functionality.

  4. Seamless Steel Siding – 

    With seamless steel sidings, you can either go for an imitation wood look or the corrugated steel’s industrial look. Depending on how the rest of your architecture and preferences are, both can look equally chic. The unique advantages of seamless steel are that it is exceptionally strong and does not shrink or expand even with extremely fluctuating temperatures.

  5. Vinyl Siding – 

    Vinyl is the cheapest among home siding materials; but not necessarily the best or the most sustainable one. For one, vinyl begins to crack and appear lifeless after a few years; second, it is environmentally a hazard, as it produces toxic chemicals upon burning and is otherwise not biodegradable. Consider vinyl only when you are on a shoestring budget and need the siding to last only a few years.

  6. Aluminum Siding – 

    Aluminum is a far better alternative to vinyl when you are looking for home sidings in Santa Clarita on a budget. It does not crack the way vinyl does, is fireproof and does not add any toxicity to the environment. It offers advantages like durability and low maintenance and does not fade that quick. However, you may have to search for a builder that does provide you with the option of aluminum sidings as a lot of them have stopped using the material for building sidings.

Choose the right contractor to install siding in your Santa Clarita home. Weigh the pros and cons of various types of sidings discussed above and also your budget with the contractor before you sign a contract. Finally, go ahead with your decision with confidence as a well executed siding project surely adds to the beauty as well as the functionality of a home.