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Sliding patio doors are one of the most versatile and contemporary kinds of doors. They are an excellent choice for Santa Clarita apartments as well as independent houses. Particularly if you are trying to save space in an area, sliding doors will be an extremely effective step towards achieving your objective. Unlike French doors, sliding patio doors don’t need a large amount of space to swing in and out; they move left and right on the same sliding line you fix for them. You can have a wide door without having to give a single thought to how much space there is in front of and behind the doors. A sliding patio door can fit in harmoniously even in the narrowest of spaces.

Types of Sliding Doors at Santa Clarita Window Replacement Experts

Depending on how wide you want your door to be, you can choose from three styles of sliding patio doors:

    1. Two Panel Sliding Patio Door
      A two panel sliding patio door has one fixed pane and one moving screen. It is great for small rooms. It gives you space enough to comfortably move in and out from the room into the patio without taking up a very large part of the wall area.
    2. Three Panel Sliding Patio Door
      Wider than a two-panel door, a three panel sliding door has two fixed panes on either side and one moving pane in the center. It widens your glass door area, thereby letting in more light and a bigger view from outside.
    3. Four Panel Sliding Patio Door
      Two fixed panes and two moving ones in the center form a four panel sliding door. This allows for a fairly wide opening so you can easily move your bigger pieces of furniture through the door.

Safety Mechanism in Sliding Doors

If you worry about how safe a sliding patio door would be against breakins or against damage from impact, door manufacturers have fail-proof solutions to assuage your concerns. As for the former, most sliding doors now come fitted with three-step locks, which minimize the risk of forced entry. And when it comes to protection from breakage resulting from impact, tempered glass is the answer. Tempered glass, when faced with a collision from a high momentum object like a stone or a hammer, breaks down into hundreds of small fragments that stay within the frame of the glass and do not fall off. So even if someone tries to break the glass or an accident occurs, your door will still be standing still and guarding you. So be it burglars or be it the elements, your sliding patio door is safe for you and your family.

At Santa Clarita Window Replacement Experts we have a wide range of sliding patio doors. Our experts will guide you in choosing the best door that suits your need and budget. Our experts will also install the door in your Santa Clarita home so there is absolutely nothing you need to worry about.