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None of us can deny the warm delight of wood in home décor. If you like to embrace vintage with open arms, wood windows are just right for you. They look lovely from the inside and spectacular when blending well with the exterior décor of your house.

Now, you can choose just how ‘woody’ you want your windows to be. You can have full wood shutters and paint them in a striking color that goes well with your home’s color palette – this style of shutter windows looks authentically vintage and reminds you of scenes from European dramas with iconic balcony scenes! Alternatively, you can go for windows that are a combination of wood and glass.

Wood windows interspersed with glass increase your styling choice – you can use stained glass, frosted glass, reflective glass etc. You can get wood windows with the traditional French chequered design glass fittings in between or any other design that appeals to your senses. Such wood and glass windows look softer and warmer than contemporary plain glass windows – so if antique and rustic is where your tastes incline, definitely choose the former over the latter.

Talking of wood windows, if you wish to take your rustic tastes in décor to whole new heights, go for barn windows. You can put a double panel sliding barn window on the exterior wall and put another window, for instance a glass window, to supplement the first one.

For an unending range of designs made with the most exotic of wood types, contact Santa Clarita Window Replacement Experts. We are experts at sourcing and installing wood windows for all types of households. Moreover, our focus on customer service ensures that you have guidance available at all times during the period of your interaction with us.