Wood Clad Windows

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Wood window are your first choice but alas, wood is quite a bit susceptible to elements. Do you give up your desire of having a home full of beautiful wood windows – most certainly not! Smart manufacturing has made it possible for you to enjoy the look and feel of wood without having to put up with its terribly high maintenance. Wood clad windows make this possible.

Wood clad windows have a cladding of a heavier and more durable material like aluminum on the wood frames of your windows. The metal is made to imitate the look of wood, so to the viewer there is hardly a difference between a wood window and a wood clad window.

You can get the aluminum or vinyl cladding done on the part of your windows facing outside and keep the insides of the windows of natural wood only. This will give you the best of both worlds – looks and warmth as well as low maintenance costs.

To get all these benefits of wood clad windows, you need to source from the best manufacturer and have an efficient professional do the installation for you. At Santa Clarita Window Replacement Experts, we achieve the same by going for the most reputed of manufacturers like Milgard and Aniline, and ensuring that the fitting is no less than perfect.