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The most traditional door type, French doors, especially those with the traditional two panels, exudes a certain romantic charm. Typically, French doors use a lot of glass – it could be two single long slabs of glass on either panel of the door, or small cut sections of glass fitted into a wooden or metallic framework.

It is easy to move large objects through a French door – and this is one functional advantage French doors have over sliding doors. So if you do not have space constraint in your Santa Clarita home, you should definitely go in for a French door. In addition to making movement easy, it also opens up wide enough to blend your indoor and outdoor spaces, like a drawing room and a terrace adjoining it – an ideal arrangement for summer house parties.

With the right kind of styling, the beauty of a French door is unsurpassed. The classic checkered French door with a white painted wooden frame is ideal for Santa Clarita homes that bend towards heritage in terms of design. For a slightly more contemporary or eclectic touch, you can browse through our catalogue on French door design ideas. If you have a specific idea in mind we can also customize the door to your tastes.

Santa Clarita Window Replacement Experts offers stunning designs in French doors by best door manufacturers. You’ll be overwhelmed with the variety we have but we’ll not let you get confused as our experts will guide you in choosing the perfect match for your home’s decor.