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Obscure glass is glass with patterns etched on it. The patters add to aesthetic value and provide the important function of lending some privacy to your indoors without stopping natural light from pouring in. For this reason, obscure glass is also termed image-distorting glass. You can add a touch of your personal tastes to your windows by choosing from catalogues of interesting patterns.

The only downside to obscure glass windows is that if it prevents someone from outside from being able to see through the window, it equally much prevents you from getting the exact view of the other side. So if you want to retain the freedom to be able to stare outside your window while getting enough privacy inside, reflective glass would be a better choice for you than obscure glass.

Approach Santa Clarita Window Replacement Experts to help you choose the right obscure glass windows for your house. We have a range of glass types and a surprisingly long list of designs available for you. Whatever your tastes are, we have something to match them!